Autism In Mind

Autism: Living Behind a Mask Conference

November 2018

We were honoured to have Kieran Rose – The Autistic Advocate speak on both days. Kieran’ speeches delivered the powerful message that behind the mask, autistic people are NOT OK.

Specialist Speech and Language Therapists Elaine Ashton and Kate Heathfield spoke about 

400 professionals from across the region attended the event. We had professionals from NTW, Northumbria Police, adult social services, Sunderland Council, South Tyneside Council, The University of Sunderland, Northumbria University, Together for Children, various schools and colleges, and several local services.

On the 15th and 16th November 2018 Autism In Mind held a two-day event at the Stadium of Light, Sunderland.

The event was created to bring attention to the very serious issue of autistic masking, which results in autistic burnout. Autistic burnout contributes greatly to high autism suicide rates and the development of mental health conditions.

Autistic people mask in order to disguise their difficulties and fit in. It is a way of maintaining safety.