Values are an integral part of our organisation. They highlight what we stand for, our unique and individual essence.  We strive to:

Work in co-production with autistic people

Treat everyone with respect, and value opinions

Recognise the importance of the health and well-being of autistic people, and have good knowledge and understanding of how to promote these with people who need support

Promote dignity and respect by maintaining confidentiality and integrity and

valuing an individual’s knowledge and experience and personal autonomy

Maintain safety and safeguarding responsibilities by appropriately assessing risks

and supporting where necessary

Deliver flexible and personalised support and advocacy that reflects the needs of individuals within their family

Facilitate informed choice by appropriately supporting autistic individuals through a solution-focused approach: building on strengths and personal resourcefulness

Promote social inclusion by facilitating opportunities to meet with other autistic adults in a safe and comfortable environment either online or in person

Facilitate confidence in people who need support to achieve and maintain independence​​

Take every opportunity to campaign to change society to accept and understand autistic people

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Malcolm is a retired Registered Nurse and former Army Medical services Officer. Diagnosed at 52 years old with Asperger syndrome, Malcolm works and volunteers in several roles supporting autistic people and their families

Howard has worked in a range of specialist post-16 settings including education, cultural and arts organisations and independent living. 

Howard has a Post Graduate Certificate in Education.

Letesia is a humanistic counsellor and has an interest autistic mental health. She enjoys research and yoga. Letesia has an autistic son.

Sara has worked in a wide range of specialist residential, college and school settings since 1987.  Sara has two autistic children.

Beth was diagnosed as autistic at age 2. After graduating with first-class honours in Health and Social Care, she is currently studying MSc Inequality and Society and is continuing to dedicate her research to autism awareness and disability studies.

Matthew was diagnosed as autistic at the age of 3.  He was educated at home until the age of 16 when he attended Gateshead College. Matthews passion in life is to make the world a better place for autistic people.

Carole has two autistic sons.  She founded Autism in Mind in 2000.  She was part of the reference group who supported the Department of Health in drafting The Autism Strategy.

At Autism In Mind we are proud to be an organisation that puts 'people' front and centre in everything we do.  We focus on individuals and strive to ensure we meet the needs of everyone we work with. 

Our goal is to connect with autistic individuals and their families with a view to providing support, information, informal advocacy and a safe social environment for autistic people.  Through this low level preventative support we aim to prevent autistic people from reaching crisis point.

We are innovative and differentiate our services to meet the complex needs and communication needs of the autistic people we work with.

We work with autism professionals to identify gaps in services and provisions that exist, and seek solutions to ensure that the needs of the autism community are met.

We are a leading organisation in developing and sharing best practice for development and delivery of services that will make a difference to autistic people's lives.

We challenge barriers to meaningful inclusion for autistic people, include the views and opinions of all our members in developing and delivering our services and seek to be an accessible and approachable service for autistic adults who are looking for support, information or advocacy.

We work collaboratively and in co-production with other organisations and groups where appropriate to improve the lives of autistic people.