​"This is the first thing I have ever done that is about me, that I understand. Ive always felt more like a passenger than a participant in my life."

- AAM User 

What Is All About Me 

​"I just felt like after doing your course and meeting you all, I can do things. You all inspired me to try."

​"Since doing the course I feel that I can acheive more, my outlook on life is different."

Throughout the course, participants will create their own personal profiles which will include information about their autism that is unique to them. The last two sessions of the course can be utilised to complete personal profiling, and/or identify and work through any personal issues, which may arise during the cours. Participants can retain their personal profiles at the end of the course.  

The course will be delivered by:

  •       A qualified counsellor
  •       A trainee counsellor
  •       A qualified teacher
  •       Adults with autism 
  •       Experts by experience 

Through a structured framework of discussion, introspection and activities, we investigate core elements of autism and what each might mean to each individual. Participants discover how autism impacts on their lives and develop strategies and techniques they can use to better support themselves.

'All About Me' is an in-depth, self-awareness and understanding course, which looks at autism and the daily impacts.

We offer All About Me in:

  •      12 Weekly Sessions
  •       4 Weekly One-To-One Sessions 
  •       2 One Day Workshops 

          (Which take place at weekend for those who work.)

Anyone who takes part in the 12-week course will be offered a Speech and Language Therapy assessment (including report), and a Sensory Occupational Therapy assessment (including report) at the end of the course. 'All About Me' is offered in a range of formats to take into consideration individual need. 

The report will provide: 

  •         Evidence of ability
  •         Can be used when seeking employment 
  •         Help maintaining employment 

Autism in Mind has been successfully delivering 'All About Me' since 2015. 'All about Me' now forms the basis of our post diagnostic service, which is being piloted until April 2019. The course will provide individuals with a good overall understanding of themselves, and how autism impacts on their life.  

Peer support is available from individuals who have long standing diagnosis of autism. Their support can aid awareness and understanding of autism for newly diagnosed adults. Being aware you are not alone can lessen the isolation autistic people often say that they feel. Friendships can be formed during 'All About Me' which then carry on past the delivery time of the course.