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As part of NHS England’s work exploring ways of ensuring that children and young people’s voice is heard within the Transforming Care Programme, Autism in Mind (AIM) and Inclusion North (IN) were commissioned to carry out a small piece of work to pilot ways of giving children and young people a meaningful platform to express their views.

As part of this work we met with children and young people with a learning disability, autism or both, who may also have mental health problems and/or behaviour that challenges. Our work focused on trialing different methods of engaging with children and young people, as a means of giving NHS England the broadest possible feedback on ways forward.

Our work included:

One to one conversations with young people

Group conversations with existing groups of young people

Joint conversations with young people and their parent/carer

Conversations with parents alone or in groups (both neuro-typical parents and a group of mothers with autism)

Setting up a new group within an inpatient setting for young people.

Children and Young People Project