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As the coronavirus pandemic continues, doctors and researchers are learning more about the new coronavirus and COVID-19, the illness it causes.  Government officials are using this information to develop policy and form strategy to control and suppress the virus.  If you need additional support during this time please use the government website if you need support with :

  • what to do if you’re feeling unsafe where you live, or if you’re worried about someone else
  • paying your bills, rent, or mortgage
  • getting food
  • being made redundant or unemployed, or not having any work
  • what to do if you’re worried about going in to work
  • having somewhere to live
  • mental health and wellbeing, including information for children

Of course, please also use our contact us page if you need any additional support during this time.

​We are working with our members to answer any questions they may have and provide as much information as possible.  Please follow the links below to find our Frequently Asked Questions. If you have any question about Coronavirus or local restrictions, please use the form below and we will respond as soon as possible. This page will be updated regularly.  

The BBC have a useful tool in which you can input your postcode to find out what the local restrictions are in your area - find it here