Autism In Mind
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Me, Myself & Autism is an autism specific self awareness course which is delivered over 10 weeks. At the end of the course, participants are offered the opportunity to have a Speech and Language assessment and report.

With the support of our team, we explore the strengths and the challenges that autistic people may have. Through a structured framework of discussion, introspection and activities, we investigate the core elements of autism and what that means to each participant. Participants work together to explore situations where speaking up is difficult and share ideas of how to better manage their interactions before they reach a state of panic, meltdown, or depression.

Peer support is available from individuals who have long standing diagnosis of autism. Their support can aid awareness and understanding of autism for newly diagnosed adults. Being aware you are not alone can lessen the isolation autistic people often say that they feel. Friendships can be formed during 'Me, Myself & Autism' which then carry on past the delivery time of the course.

Throughout the course, participants will create their own personal profiles which will include information about their autism that is unique to them. Through personal profiling, individuals identify and can work through any personal issues, which may arise during the course. Participants can retain their personal profiles at the end of the course.