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Letesia Smith

Managing Director

Sara Everett

Specialist Support

Matthew was diagnosed as autistic at the age of 3.  He was educated at home until the age of 16 when he attended Gateshead College. Matthews passion in life is to make the world a better place for autistic people.

Beth Terrance

Connect Support Prevent Peer Supporter

Malcolm is a retired Registered Nurse and former Army Medical services Officer. Diagnosed at 52 years old with Asperger syndrome, Malcolm works and volunteers in several roles supporting autistic people and their families

Howard Kennedy

Matthew Rutherford

Me, Myself and Autism Facilitator/Peer Supporter

Meet the Team

Letesia is a humanistic counsellor and has a first-class honours degree in Professional Counselling Practice. She enjoys research and yoga.

Letesia has an autistic son.

Malcolm Osborne

Connect, Support, Prevent Facilitator

Isabel received her autism diagnosis as an adult in 2018. Isabel spent her early career working in Higher Education. 

Isabel holds a Post Graduate Certificate in Education for post-16 education.

Beth was diagnosed as autistic at age 2. After graduating with first-class honours in Health and Social Care, she is currently studying MSc Inequality and Society and is continuing to dedicate her research to autism awareness and disability studies.

Isabel Hunt

Engagement and Participation Officer

Howard has worked in a range of specialist post-16 settings including education, cultural and arts organisations and independent living. 

Howard has a Post Graduate Certificate in Education.

Carole Rutherford

Director of Services

Sara has worked in a wide range of specialist residential, college and school settings since 1987.  Sara has two autistic children.

Carole has two autistic sons.  She founded Autism in Mind in 2000.  She was part of the reference group who supported the Department of Health in drafting The Autism Strategy.

Autism In Mind