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Call us now on: 0191 567 2514


We understand how difficult it can be for autistic people to reach out for support so we offer several different ways to contact us. Please use the method that feels right for you.

We also know that sometimes finding the right words can be hard, and that’s ok. We are here to help you, and will support you to say what you need to say.

During Office Hours (9am-5pm) you can ask for support by:
Telephone: We have an office phone and mobile phones. You can call us if you are comfortable to speak to someone on the telephone. As some of us are still working from home, sometimes Georgia may answer the phones and take a message, then one of the team will call you back.
Text: We have a text service. You can text us to ask for support and someone will text you back.
Email: If you prefer to use email to communicate, you can email us with your query or request for support.
Website: You can send us a
message through the website to request support
Facebook: We have 2 AIM Facebook pages,
Sunderland and South Tyneside. You can send us a direct message through these pages.

All of our numbers and email information can be found on our
Contact Us page.​


Choice - Every autistic persons individual needs are different. Therefore the model of support that we offer is bespoke and considers individual need. We will work with you to establish your needs and find the right support for you.

Environment - We offer virtual and face to face appointments. We are very mindful of sensory needs and the impact that an environment may have have. We do our very best to minimise distractions and lower sensory input during appointments, meetings and courses.

Autism Understanding - Our Me, Myself & Autism course is an autism specific self-awareness course. The course will help you to better understand what being autistic means to you as an individual. We look at the ways that autism presents and impacts on our lives. We look at ways we can cope with the demands of everyday life.

Low-Level Support - Navigating life can be overwhelming when you are autistic. Having someone who can help, guide and support you can be very helpful.

  • Practical support: We offer solution-focus support, where we will support you to: connect with and communicate with professionals, support effective communication, help to make appointments, and various other daily living tasks.
  • Emotional Support- We provide a safe environment in which to share personal concerns and worries with people who understand life from an autistic perspective.

Online Autism Toolkit - We have a Resilience Toolkit which has information and practical advice to help cope with some of the daily challenges autistic people face.

Facebook Peer Support Group - Our private Facebook group is for AIM members only. It is a safe community where autistic adults can seek support from autistic peers and AIM staff. The group also provides a social space for sharing interests, and chatting.


We understand that autistic people are often easily overwhelmed by everyday tasks or life events. Sometimes an event just seems too great to handle alone. This is crisis. We are here to ease the overwhelm you feel. We can to support you in managing life tasks so that you don't have to feel you have to figure everything out, or cope with things alone.