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The AIM Model of Support

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Call us now on: 0191 567 2514

Our office hours are: 9am-5pm. You can contact us via:
Telephone: As some of us are still home working, our admin assistant Georgia may take a message and have one of the team call you back.
Email: You may email us with your query.
Website: There is a general enquiry form on our Contact Us page.

For referrals into our service, please use the referral button at the top left of this page. Please note that our service is only for autistic adults who do not have a learning disability. Please ensure you enter your contact details on the form or we may not accept the referral.


Low-level Support
- We are not a mental health team, a crisis team or a social care team. We are commissioned to help autistic individuals with their emotional wellbeing, to provide them with autism self-understanding and offer the low-level preventative support needed to navigate everyday life and prevent crisis (crisis for an autistic person can be when they find themselves faced with a task or a life event which is too overwhelming or feels too great for them to handle in that moment).

Choice - Every autistic persons individual needs are different. Therefore the model of support that we offer is bespoke. Please see our client support offer here. We can also support you to better understand the needs of you clients/patients.
Autism Understanding Training - Coming soon!