"When I leave, I can’t wait until the next week for the next session."

​​​​​​"I just felt like after doing the course and meeting you all, I can do things. You all inspired me to try."

​"Since doing the course I feel that I can achieve more, my outlook on life is different."​

​"My overall impression of the course was excellent. The staff were extremely friendly, supportive and willing to listen."

"The course helped me to consider things from a different perspective and introduced me to new things as framed autistic traits."

"The information was crucial for me in moving forwards following the Me, Myself & Autism course, in helping me to manage myself better. It has been truly wonderful to be among people who understand me and are like me. The world doesn't feel as lonely because of this."

"It helped me to understand my autism in a more mature way than had previously been explained."

"The most important thing that I have learned is: 'How will anyone know what you need if you don't tell them somehow?"

"It helped me to understand how my autism affects my daily life and how I can try to cope with it.".

"Hearing different and varying autistic perspectives was good."

"I like to come here because it helps to build my confidence, I need to keep coming to top it up – like reassurance."

"I understand my autism much better."

"I was encouraged to be myself while learning about my ASD."

​"The course was delivered by autistic people to autistic people."

​"Being with others with autism who have similar struggles to me."

"I had no idea how much the course would help me to understand my life, it was really enlightening and my confidence has grown so much."

​"This is the first thing I have ever done that is about me that I understand. I've always felt more like a passenger than a participant in my life."

"Me, Myself & Autism has helped me in many ways but the most helpful part has been meeting others who are autistic. It has helped me to feel understood and less alone. I am so grateful to AIM for the support they have given me."

"Meeting others who are autistic."

​"I had no idea how much the course would help me to understand my life, it was really enlightening, and my confidence has grown so much."

"It is delivered in a very good structure by autistic people who can relate."

"I find it hard to make friends in other places. I’ve made friends coming to AIM."

​"I knew a lot about autism before I did Me, Myself & Autism, but I didn't know how it applied to me. I use to feel that having so much theoretical knowledge about autism meant I had the responsibility to use it to change; to be 'less autistic'. Me Myself  & Autism helped me to talk about my autism and begin to accept it."

"I have validation and acceptance for myself and from my peers. I'm better able to understand my needs and thus be able to advocate for them."

​"Being in a safe space where I didn't have to mask."