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Resilience describes a person’s capacity to cope with changes and challenges and to bounce back during difficult times. The more resilient someone is, the better they are at getting through tough times, and the better their chances at recovering from experiences of adversity and trauma (Gilligan 2004).

​Resilience is a vital element in protecting and promoting good mental health and wellbeing. It means having the ability to deal with the ups and downs of life.  Resilience is not masking and putting up with difficult times in silence.  Resilience is developed, multi-faceted and is not constant.  Some days we are able to manage life better than other days.  Remember that AIM staff understand the difficulties autistic people can face and we are here to help.

Below you will find various tools which can help you develop your resilience and help you better manage day to day.  This page is updated regularly.

Words that AIM members associated with positives helping them cope during the pandemic.

Words that AIM members associated with negatives causing distress or anxiety during the pandemic.

On March 23rd 2020 we went into our first national lockdown. We have asked our autistic adults what has kept them going through the last year and to share with us their thoughts/poems/songs/paintings and photography. Follow this link to see lockdown through their eyes...