Autism In Mind
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We understand autism. We understand that the needs of every autistic person are different. At Autism In Mind, every staff member has an autism diagnosis or has a family member who is autistic.

We are a committed to working in co-production with autistic people in an accessible, authentic and supportive way and take every opportunity to campaign to change society to accept and understand autistic people.


We deliver bespoke training to organisations and groups to highlight the issues and challenges faced by autistic people, and in turn, change attitudes and workplace inclusivity.




Drop-In's & 1:1's

​​Our 'Connect, Support, Prevent' sessions are held weekly in Sunderland. Members can either drop-in or arrange a one to one appointment.
We connect with autistic adults and offer an autism friendly environment where individuals can be themselves and reduce social isolation.


'Me Myself & Autism' is a ten week course designed to help autistic individuals to gain insight into how and why they feel they way they do. With the support of our team, we explore the strengths and the challenges that autistic people may have.

Autism In Mind was formed in 2000 and has supported families and autistic individuals for over two decades.

The needs of every autistic person are different.  The support that we provide is bespoke and wraps around the needs of the individual.

Our support is for autistic adults who do not have a learning disability.

Our vision is that all autistic people will be empowered and enabled throughout their lives, to be themselves, to be valued by others, and to live their lives in a way that is purposeful to them.

Our mission is to support and enable autistic people to be the best they can be. We connect with individuals, support needs, prevent crisis, and work towards changing the wider world.


Conferences, Events and Projects

In addition to our core activities we also take part in conferences, events and projects on a regular basis


Commissioned by

We work with individuals to help resolve any  issues or problems they have. We endeavour to provide intervention which prevents crisis. We are a solution-focused service that works to empower autistic adults to live as independently and autonomously as possible.

We are commissioned by NHS Sunderland Clinical Commissioning Group and South Tyneside Joint Commissioning Group to provide preventative support and post-diagnostic support to autistic adults without a learning disability.

We are also able to provide Autism Alert cards to AIM members for a small donation.  Click here for more information.