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We are working to improve the lives of autistic people through our network of local groups and services, expert information, and successful campaigning.   

Our goal is to connect with people, support need and prevent crisis.

​​Autism in Mind is 21 years old.  Our service is specifically commissioned to work with autistic adults 18+ who do not have a learning disability.


We are commissioned by Sunderland Clinical Commissioning Group to support autistic adults in Sunderland. We are based in The Place in Athenaeum Street which is within Sunderland City Centre.  

We are commissioned by the South Tyneside 

Partnership to support autistic adults in South Tyneside. We are situated at the Autism Hub in Chichester, South Shields. Our days at the hub are Thursday and Friday. 

We are moving forward with the aim of delivering a service that meets the needs of our autistic adults. We are aware that to do so we will need to be diverse in the delivery of our service. Therefore, we will be offering face to face support (by appointment only) and continuing to offer online appointments.

Me, Myself & Autism is being offered face to face and virtually across both services. The course is now being delivered mornings, afternoons, and evenings. If you are an autistic adult and you live in Sunderland or South Tyneside and are interested in participating in our course, please contact us for more information.